2017 Asian Pet Show

Date: 2017-09-20
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Introduction to the exhibition

Welcome to the official website of Pet Fair Asia (PFA) where you can find all the relevant information about the exhibition, including exhibition history, exhibition news, exhibitors news, the latest exhibits, the same period of meetings and events, industry information Wait. Please click here or contact us directly at pfa@vnuexhibitions.com.cn.


UFI is the only international organization of the world's exhibition industry to date, and the authoritative certification of international exhibitions is the core mission of UFI. The UFI is the only international organization of the world's exhibition industry. UFI-approved exhibitions are also a sign of high-quality trade fairs. An exhibition in order to get their professional certification, must be in its service, quality and visibility requirements to achieve a certain standard. UFI on the application for certification of the scale of the exhibition, exhibition history, the proportion of exhibitors at home and abroad, the proportion of foreign auditors have strict requirements.


UFI through the Asian pet show a year of investigation and review, in the exhibition scale, exhibition history, the proportion of foreign exhibitors, the proportion of foreign visitors and exhibition services, quality, visibility on the in-depth observation and research, officially confirmed the Asian Pet Show through certification , Which also marks the Asian pet show of international and professional to further enhance. Asian Chamber of Commerce will join the UFI as an opportunity to improve the quality of the exhibition to enhance the site of the exhibition management, exhibitors to provide value for money service to the brand exhibition organizers for the purpose of doing a good job exhibition.


As one of the most influential platforms in the global pet industry, since the establishment of the Pet Fair Asia in 1997, with the rapid development of China's pet industry, after 19 years of experience, it has become a pet industry not to be missed Of the annual gathering platform, the industry recognized the flagship exhibition of Asian pets. Whether it is made by Chinese-made brands to open up distribution channels at home and abroad, or international brands to seek to enter the Chinese market, Asian pet show has become a mature brand promotion, network relations, channel development, new products, livestock interaction and other functions in one of the first choice platform.


Year event not to be missed

Each year, the Chinese pet industry mainstream production manufacturers, agent dealers, wholesale retailers and from the United States, Europe, Australia, Japan, Korea, Thailand and other major overseas markets will meet in Shanghai, a total of Asian pet exhibition An annual event that can not be missed.


Brand promotion preferred platform

Asian Pet Show, as the world's only B2B industry trade negotiations and B2C public market publicity function of the integrated platform is the brand to achieve a full range of integrated marketing to promote a strong medium.


Annual new product show

2013 Asian pet show special launch of the "InnovAction pet new fashion" enjoy the plan for exhibitors during the exhibition release new products, new technology to provide all-round promotion program. From the focus on brand promotion to focus on product promotion, "InnovAction pet new fashion" will be the new attractive into the audience to the booth to visit the "trade transactions" driving force.


Trade Development Precision Bridge

Bringing together the industry's elite pet show, each year ushered in about 28,000 professional visitors and buyers to visit, professional support services for the concept, both sides to build a precise trade negotiations bridge, brand maintenance and strengthen the existing channels at the same time, Effective development of potential partners a rare opportunity.


Livestock interaction best path

As a lover and owner of the core group of the annual gathering of paradise, the Asian pet show is the brand face customers, to achieve consumer education, market research, product promotion and other purposes of the effective access.

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