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The Establishment and Implementation of Enterprise Culture

     (A) corporate philosophy - pet towel industry leader

       Qingdao Bo Yang as a PVA towel production enterprises, from their own business characteristics and industry characteristics, the "pet towel industry leader" as their business purposes and the fundamental concept.

      1. The purpose of the introduction, the cause and the background, the expected results, the job arrangement, the general concept book, the internal communication system, and the external communication system.

      2. Positioning the enterprise development strategy: in the enterprise put forward the slogan of the second venture, and developed two plans. First, clinging to foreign customers, maintaining good processing orders. Second, the establishment of its own brand, domestic and foreign simultaneous sales.

      3. Enterprise marketing strategy according to the following ideas: the development of the domestic market, open up the international market; domestic to more varieties, more specifications, more color development; development of supporting products, products; to the east, southwest, northwest, the country spread; High-priced market; Europe, the United States, Japan; low-cost market: neighboring countries, Southeast Asia, the Middle East market; marketing business personnel training; strengthen risk management.

      4. Refinement and Interpretation of Management Idea. Qingdao Bo Yang's management philosophy - tolerance, harmony, elegance, benevolence; for everyone to provide equal opportunities; honesty, Xiaozhi reason; brand and quality synchronization; talent and career common; both spiritual and material.

    (B) the concept of the launch and launch

In order to implement the corporate philosophy in all directions, the company from the user, competitors, the public at all levels of analysis, and develop the appropriate objectives, planning and implementation measures.

     1. Users - how to meet users, service users.

     2. Competitors - how to compete with opponents.

     3. Associates - who are external resources available to the business.

Market tracking: ① clear target -What. ② planning schedule - Chen. ③ staff to implement - Who. ④ the implementation of the organization - Wi. ⑤ determine the means --How. ⑥ explain the reasons - Wehy. ⑦ evaluation control -If or not.

   (C) follow the principle

In order to strictly fulfill the established corporate philosophy, the company has developed the six principles that must be followed, that is, the principle of competition. ② profit principle. ③ user first principle. ④ quality principle. ⑤ innovation principles. ⑥ service principle.

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